Weekend countdown deal: 15-17 Nov

Dance With Me is a Countdown Deal on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk for the weekend of Friday 15 Nov through to Sunday 17 Nov. The perfect opportunity for you to add Dance With Me to your library for just $2.99!

Here’s what people are saying about Dance With Me:

“It is so easy in a romance novel to end up with characters who are caricatures. Emmie skillfully avoids this trap. Polly and Josh could be real people taken from real life and that makes this book a great read.”

“What I found most endearing about Polly was how much of a free spirit she was. Besides work research, it was plain to see she was not a forward planner. And I could truly empathize with her not really being able to sort herself out while life kept lobbing balls at her like a pitching machine. The way she clicked with organized, methodical Josh was like puzzle pieces falling into place. I loved how their differences caused them to grow, and not always towards each other. To finally recognize what they truly needed, both from themselves and from each other, was the best destination of all.”

“If you’re looking for a well written and enjoyable romance novel, then I highly recommend this book as great weekend entertainment!”

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